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IR Curing – Schubox

Gas Catalytic Infrared technology is a flameless application used for the drying and curing of wet coatings across a diverse range of substrates in numerous industries. This innovative approach involves an exothermic chemical process where gases such as natural gas, propane, or butane undergo conversion into long-wave IR energy, facilitated by precious metals like platinum and palladium.


Operating as a completely flameless catalytic process, it harnesses a chemical reaction to catalyze gas into energy, which is then emitted within installations.


Gas catalytic IR boasts superior effectiveness compared to electric infrared, thanks to its emission spectrum that ideally matches the absorption spectrum of organic coatings.  Forcing coatings to cure from the inside out instead of the outside in like typical hot air curing rooms.


Maintaining low temperatures is crucial when working with temperature-sensitive substrates such as resinous woods and plastics. Catalytic infrared technology enables us to achieve this by relying on long-wave infrared energy for curing, eliminating the need for direct heat as with other drying methods.

The gas catalytic infrared heaters will dry and cure almost any wet finish in a fraction of the time that it would take traditional methods at a fraction of the running cost.


This is not a batch oven.  It maintains incredible flexibility.  Racks can go in at different times and they can be taken out at different times and placed anywhere within the room.  That allows you to put many different types of coatings into the Schubox and allow them to stay for as long as you need.  Walking in and out during its operation is no problem.


In terms of power requirements, the Schubox only requires a 30-amp service at 480 volts, with an operating amperage of approximately 7-10 amps. Its minimal power consumption, utilizing either natural gas or propane at just 2m3/Hr, results in operating costs typically ranging from $15 to $20 per day, even when left running throughout the day. This flexibility and efficiency are unparalleled.


Our catalytic emitters not only oxidize VOCs from solvent based paints but also utilize off-gassing as fuel, requiring less gas for temperature control. Additionally, they convert VOCs into harmless water vapor, effectively eliminating odor and potential harmful emissions from coatings.

What our customers are saying...

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Jady Day
Wooded Hollow

“We have really enjoyed our Schubox. We can now paint a job in the morning, assemble in the afternoon, and install the next day”

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Mike Paul
Swan Creek

“I will report something you already know... your guys are polite and stay focused on their project at hand ...their work is of quality and the equipment they are installing is first class we rarely see the detail and care from other trades and is refreshing to see/ experience this from both the installation team and the equipment manufacturer.

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Tyler Nay

“We went from completing one job a day to three jobs major quality difference in our coatings.”

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Ben Brunson

“To be able to dry products in less than half an hour and complete orders on the huge win for our lead times.”

We will offer 2 standard sizes but custom sizes are available:


8' x 8' x 16'  &  8' x 8' x 20'

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