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Dump Bin

230 Gallon Dump Bin for Dust Collector - (S-750; S-1000 only)


500mm clamp copy.jpg

Replacement Clamp

Replacement 500mm Clamp with Seal


dust bag PM.jpg

Dust Bags

Powerline Machinery Clear Plastic Bags  -


(Roll of 75 - 6 mil thickness) - 32" x 52"  Long Fit all Nederman S-Series collectors


Nederman Filter bag.jpg

Filter Media Bags

S500 and S750

220mm Dia. Filter Bag (Length = 1375mm) For Nederman  S-500 & S-750 dust collectors

S500 requires 16 filter bags

S750 requires 24 filter bags




220 mm dia. filter bag (1960 mm length) for Nederman S-1000 collector, 

S1000 requires 24 filters bags 




3ph 230V



3ph 460v 


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